In 2014 JT Harden had this idea to bring people closer to the things they love and they will do the marketing for you. Having been in the medical industry, as well as the outdoor industry he saw many similarities in the two. Most of all the failed attempts at creative marketing. Many people have great ideas, but when it came to execution, they lacked the ability to hit the target market. As an Entrepreneur JT had started many different companies before finding his niche.

This niche led him to create F-3 Media, a one stop shop for companies looking to help build their brand. Putting together a team of graphic artists, videographers, photographers, writers, social media directors, and editors to help take the brands to the next level. F-3 Media has made  a name for creating unique branded content for their client portfolio. Whether it be TV productions, social media management, motion graphics, commercials, graphic art, or assisted marketing, F-3 Media can cater to your needs.

What we do

Engage with partners to establish a level of digital presence that sets new standards of excellence in their respective industries.

Using the vast knowledge and years of experience within our team, we take pride in using nothing but the best equipment and programs available. Our state of the art production facility gives us the opportunity to work in-house using our entire team to ensure we give our partners a finished product that will set new standards in their industry. 

We are not your typical cookie cutter kind of company. Our solutions come with our partner’s goals in mind. Our team works hand in hand with our partners to ensure we become part of your brand.

The old saying of “nobody sells your product or ideas better than you” is something we live by, but we take it to another level. We believe by understanding your brand and mindset we can use our creative process to advance your brand to the next level.

Our Skills

Marketing 94% 94%
Design 85% 85%
Development 74% 74%

Our Services

With the evolution of social media and digital marketing a high quality content creation category was created. Whether it's high quality photos, 3D graphic animation, top end TV commercials, or branded content creation, F-3 Media will help your brand be the trend setter in the digital world. With our team of photographers, editors, and graphic artists we can provide any services you might need in the digital world. From custom content creation, social media management, video production, logo design, or digital marketing, we can cater to your brands needs.


Product Development

Video Graphics

Our Clients