How to Make Facebook Work for You.

These days Facebook can be used for more than just building your brand, it can also be used to add more sales leads into your tank. In a world where 40% of people spend more time communicating via social media than face to face, there’s something to be said for digital messaging. While all social [...]

Are you getting what you need?

I hear this question come up a lot lately, “How do I know that my social media is working?” It’s kind of like when my 2 year old asks me a question… you’re asking, but you don’t always like the answer. So maybe it isn’t as simple to see your return on a Facebook post [...]

I Want It, And I Want It Now!

Do you remember the movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? Veruca was my favorite, please don’t ask me why… I’m afraid if I were to uncover the reason I would need therapy. Anyway, remember the famous line, “I Want It And I Want It NOW”! The sad truth is that is how we as [...]

Let’s Put a Pin in It!

Let me start this blog post off by saying I work with all men. Yep, you heard me… ALL men. It’s exhausting and the bathroom always smells. Though I maintain God gave me more of a boy brain than most, this girl still loves all things girly, which leads me to today’s topic… PINTEREST. Now [...]

Wisdom from the bad-breathed guy on the airplane…

Wisdom from the bad-breathed guy on the airplane… Do I have your attention yet? So this morning I boarded a flight to Oklahoma at an ungodly hour, have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? I repeat, NOT a morning person. Anyway in typical dramatic fashion, I nearly missed my flight, leaving me as the last person to board [...]

But First… Let Me Take A Selfie

Have you taken 57 photos of yourself today? No? Either you’re lying, or you have yet to discover the magical land that is Instagram. So outside of the 14 filter enhanced photos your best gff posted, or the 5 never acceptable bathroom mirror selfies the guy you work with just uploaded, what else does Instagram [...]

Let’s Talk About Likes

Admit it, you were singing along.  These days with the digital world taking business owners by storm, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the constant data always coming your way. But what does it all mean?! In every client consultation I have ever sat in, I always ask the question… “What are the goals for [...]

Ho Ho Holy Moly!

Ho Ho HOLY MOLY! The time is here, just a few more days until Thanksgiving and then (dum dum dum)…Christmas. How is that even possible!? No matter how we feel, Christmas is on it’s way and that means an influx of questions, purchases, and cahos. is your company ready? Wal-Mart (the alpha male of all [...]

Give It to Get It

You want more sales? So does everyone else! Here’s the thing… Sometimes you’ve got to give it, to get it. Give it to get it!? Sounds crazy right? Here’s the thing… we are all in the business of making money, in most of our cases, by selling products. Guess who else wants to make money? [...]