Give It to Get It

You want more sales? So does everyone else! Here’s the thing… Sometimes you’ve got to give it, to get it.

Give it to get it!? Sounds crazy right? Here’s the thing… we are all in the business of making money, in most of our cases, by selling products. Guess who else wants to make money? Facebook, google, and pretty much any other online platform you can name.

I know the thought of opening your wallet to advertise in the digital world can feel a little painful. I mean, people can go to your site for free right? It doesn’t cost anything to Google your company. While all of these things are true, if enough people were going to your site on their own, we wouldn’t even need to have this conversation. You would be on a beach in Mexico, not reading my fabulous blog.

This leads me to today’s topic – you’ve got to give it, to get it. There is a HUGE audience, I repeat HUGE audience, out there that have no idea who you are or that your product even exists. Do you have the best xyz on the market? Maybe so… but it doesn’t matter if the competitor is more visible. People want quick results. They don’t want to think, and they certainly don’t want to research. I mean, who has time for that right!? Side note – do you remember when we still had to use the Yellow Pages!? OOOO glorious days! Anyway, back on topic. If you aren’t there, and there quickly, chances are you have just been passed over for the chance at a new customer. 

Ok so that was the really crappy news, but never fear, I come baring good news! Reaching that new audience is simple, and it doesn’t cost as much as you think. I challenge you to give me a product and a $100 budget…we can make some magic happen.

Digital advertising costs are so minimal based on the amount of impressions, that you really cant afford NOT to be doing it. So you spend $100, ouch you hated doing that, but what if it gained you enough sales to pay for your ads and then some? Yep, you’re welcome. You’ve got to give it, to get it. You have to spend it, to make it.

Make it easy on your customers! Appear in their newsfeeds while they are mindlessly staring at kittens. Pop up on Google when they decide they are in the need to buy. It sounds simple, because IT IS!

Give it a try…give a little, I think in return, you will really get a lot!

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