Ho Ho Holy Moly!

Ho Ho HOLY MOLY! The time is here, just a few more days until Thanksgiving and then (dum dum dum)…Christmas. How is that even possible!? No matter how we feel, Christmas is on it’s way and that means an influx of questions, purchases, and cahos. is your company ready?

Wal-Mart (the alpha male of all things shopping) conducted a survey about consumers shopping patterns during the holiday season. The survey found that 42% of Americans do the majority of their Christmas shopping during the month of December (obviously these are all the men in the group).

So people are Christmas shopping, big deal right? The real question is, “What does it mean for YOU”? I’m so glad you asked. It means: more sales, more questions, more messages, more problems, more impatient customers, more reviews, more impressions… I think you get the idea.

Consumers expect you to be there for them, to have their questions answered, no matter when they ask. With consumers (probably cranky ones) shopping in a last minute crunch, you can expect to see an influx of product and services questions coming your way, and if you want the sale, you better be there to answer. Normally check your page only once a day? You should probably increase to 3 or 4. Be mindful of your customers, and be there to serve them in the most efficent manner possible.

What else should you consider this holiday season? Deals. Yep, that’s basically what every shopper wants right? A deal! We are all familiar with the push around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but consider extending your promotions into December, after all that’s when 42% of Americans are shopping (cough,men,cough). Also, be mindful of your content and advertising in the month of December. Offering free shipping? Be sure to list your holiday cut off date. Running a holiday sale? Target your ads to customers who have shown interest in your brand. Need help? Call F-3!

Now bake those cookies, watch Christmas Vacation, and enjoy the chaos… it’s here y’all!

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