How to Make Facebook Work for You.

These days Facebook can be used for more than just building your brand, it can also be used to add more sales leads into your tank. In a world where 40% of people spend more time communicating via social media than face to face, there’s something to be said for digital messaging.

While all social media channels can be used to generate new sales leads, today I’m going to focus on the power of our good friend Facebook. If you read my blogs (which of course you do because they are AMAZING), than you have already heard me preach about the power of Facebook advertising. I’m going to touch on it again today though, because I feel that these days it is a necessity to reach your full potential on your Facebook page.

With the changes in Facebook’s algorithm, it’s becoming harder and harder to reach your fans through organic traffic alone. Just a small ad budget can help you generate double the amount of leads. You know where I’m going with this right? More leads, more sales. Want some more good news? Facebook advertising is a very affordable route to take, typically half the cost of a Google campaign.

Another great way to generate Facebook leads is through contesting campaigns. The positive, lots of traffic…the negative, not everyone entering a contest is looking to spend money if they don’t win. When thinking about contesting campaigns, look toward the bigger picture. We can build a contest for you that not only drives traffic to your Facebook page, but also captures email addresses for follow up later. Make your contests work for you, and build a database you can call on in the future.

Finally, think about treating your Facebook page like you would your website. You wouldn’t build a website with out a call to action would you? Consider adding a shop now or contact us tab on your page. Be sure that your fans always know how to easily complete whatever your goal is for them. If it’s not obvious, they might not participate. While you don’t want to inundate your fans with constant sales pitches, you do want them to have a one click solution when they are ready to buy.

So today’s lesson is simple… stop just thinking of Facebook as work, and help make Facebook work for you!

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