It’s a mobile world – is your website mobile ready?

The world we knew changed the minute mobile devices hit our fingertips. Having Google available on demand has changed the way we live our lives. No more looking for something on our computer, or planning things ahead of time. Everything we need is available in that moment, and right in the palm of our hands. In 2014, research showed that nearly 30% of all searches to Google were done on a mobile device. In just one year though, that number has jumped to over 60% with no end in site. 

In response to consumer demand, Google announced a new change to their algorithm to reward those sites that are mobile friendly. Great news if you’re one of those cell-phone searchers, but what does that mean for business owners? I’m so glad you asked….it means, it’s time to get serious people! 

This is one of the most drastic changes Google has made to date, and it doesn’t look like they plan on changing their minds. How friendly your site plays in the mobile world, will now directly effect where you land in the wide world of search results. You may have the best site on the web, but if you aren’t mobile friendly, there simply won’t be eyes to see it. 

Mobile search is growing at rate of ten times the searches on a desktop. Ten times!!! If you are one of those businesses that don’t have a mobile ready site, you stand to loose up to 1/3 of your traffic now, and who knows how much in the future. I recently read a survey that said 2/3 of the top companies aren’t ready for this change. That means big impact all the way around! 

Want to know if your site is ready? Our fine friends at Google have made a handy dandy way to do just that. Just copy your URL here to see if you are part of the few and the proud.. maybe that’s the Marines, but you see where I’m going with this. 

Alrighty, now that we’ve gotten through the technical gibberish, what does that mean for you? If you are mobile friendly, congratulations! Take this time to hone in on your content, and be sure you are at the top of your game, because an SEO boost is heading your way my friends.

Not mobile friendly? Don’t panic. I’m sure today feels like that kid’s book, “Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”, but the good news is this change will force you to be on your digital A game. No need to fight it, Google is like Mayweather, you might as well just give in. 

There are several options, most of which are affordable, to get you mobile-friendly in a flash (not flash though, Google frowns on that)! If you have questions or want to know what it will cost to get your site to be a player in the iPhone world, we are happy to help. Just drop us a note, and let’s get you on the delorean straight to 2015.

Don’t be the girl by the punch bowl at prom, get out there and dance!

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